Friday, January 11, 2013

Projectin' it Old School

We've Craigslisted a beauty. (And yes, Craigslisted is most certainly a verb).  Craigslist has been a different animal in every place we've lived.  It was tricky in Utah, because while there seemed to be a lot of supply- the items were always gone before we could get there. And prices are super-low. Lots of cheap-o college students, I guess.  

We didn't buy much on Craigslist in Dallas, but when we sold our sectional (we were moving to Denver and needed a change, couch-speaking), we got $600 for it.  We thought that was pretty darn good for a couch that was originally $1000.  

Now, in Denver, we've used Craigslist for a few things and have gotten good prices for them.  Will's bike trailer was $45, a baby bjorn for $10 (sold to me by a stranger who later became a good friend!), and Will's nice stroller/car seat set, basically new for $160.  We've also used the site to give away some furniture that we didn't want anymore.  It got picked up quickly, no sweat for us.

Anyway, in preparation for our next project, (which I can't wait to show you! It's almost done!), we've purchased an old school overhead projector.  It was $60 for the projector, a folder full of math transparencies, and some blank transparencies as well.  I talked the seller down from $100, so while $60 was more than I planned to pay, I felt pretty good about the 40% off negotiations.

It's in great shape, and we've been practicing our math skills as well.  (Not really... although I probably could use a brush up...)

Can you tell what we're planning to do with it?!  It just might be on our project board...

I'm super excited about all the possibilities.  We've been munchin' on pomegranate seeds and pinteresting the options!  What do you think about this?  Or this?  Or even this?

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