Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dining Room Chandelier

Last week, Grant came home from Costco and told me, "I have a surprise for you in the car!"  Normally I'd expect candy or chocolate, because Grant knows I have a killer sweet tooth.  Think of all the chocolatey treats it might be!  Industrial, Costco sized chocolatey treats, spilling out the back of his car! (Can you tell I haven't had sweets in two weeks?!)

But anyway, it was not a treat.  Well, not a treat-to-eat.  Instead it was feast for the eyes: a new chandelier!  Grant found it on clearance at Costco ( I didn't even know that existed...) for $40!  What a score! It took us (meaning... mostly Grant) a half hour or so to install.

It's a nice, bright improvement on the previous, builder-grade light we had before.  (See at the top?)

It holds four teardrop lightbulbs, which amazingly we had hanging around for some reason.

I don't feel like it matches our kitchen well yet.  But maybe with the white cabinets and black countertops that we're dreaming of...

It's the best feeling to happen upon a deal without even trying.  Now we just need to happen upon a few more cheap chandeliers for the laundry room, dining room, bedroom....


  1. Cute! And your canvas project looks fun!

  2. I can't wait to do this in my house and thought you might like it for yours. It seems like it would fit your living room perfectly (in my humble opinion).


  3. I guess I should be more specific, I mean the framed flat screen.

    1. Hey Christina-- Yeah we were actually thinking about that! I'm digging it, Grant's not sure... we'll see. I want to see pictures if you do it!