Friday, March 1, 2013

Project: Dining Room Table

It's done!  Grant worked long and hard on this table (with very little assistance from yours truly) and it's finally done!  We used the plans found at ana-white and used fir boards from Home Depot to build the table.

We love the size of it.  It's 8 feet long and about 4 feet wide.  We're going to build a matching bench for one side and finish oxidizing our ikea chairs for the other side.

The table turned out darker than we originally planned, but we love it anyway! I especially love that certain parts that didn't take the oxidation as well as others, making it looks natural and uneven.

A view from above.  I think the dark wood really warms up the space since almost all of the color in there is light and/or neutral.

Sir likes it.  He's been placing random objects on top of it for the last few days.

Here's an example of the uneven parts of the table.  Love.

And the knots on the top made for some interesting unique spots as well.


A few weeks ago, we also bought these upholstered chairs for the ends of the table.  The legs are black but I don't mind.  Either that, or I'm just too lazy to change them...  Does the reason matter...? They'll probably stay black :)

So that's the scoop!  With chairs finished, a bench built, and a little decoration, it's going to look awesome.