Friday, January 25, 2013

Antique Window Shopping

Today, the Willister & I went antique window shopping.  Well, that is, we went window shopping for antiques... not shopping for antique windows... (Although antique windows are pretty cool too...) We have bought a few things at antique stores before, including both of the dressers that we refinished for Will's room.

But mostly, I just love to go and look around at antique stores.  I love pieces that have a little history, that have served somebody else in another life and and now reemerging to play a role in mine.  We headed to my favorite antique store, Colorado Antique Gallery, and we've brought a little old-school inspiration home to Tanner Projects today!

First, a repurposed old suitcase.  Awesome.  They were asking $1200 for this bad boy...

And this dresser/hutch.  We're thinking of options for our entryway and one of those options is a piece like this.  I was drawn to this one because it was in good shape and had minimal finish (read: easy to refinish/paint, etc.).  It was also on sale: Down to $175 from $350.  Not a steal, but not terrible.

*Also, note in the mirror, my lovely Willister shopping partner.  Cutest antiquing baby in the world...

I also loved this little table for $60. Too tall for an end table next to a couch?

And this pie safe.  (I love that name, and it's comforting to know that somebody is looking out for all those poor, innocent pies...) What a lovely color.

And the tin work was pretty.  My bedroom back home has a big antique pie safe full of books...  No tin accents, but lots of books.  Hopefully someday I can bring that sucker to my new home.

And then I loved these Mason jars (or rather, Kerr jars) with the decorate punch in the lid and striped straws added.  We did mason jars with striped straws for Will's 1st birthday and they turned out really cute.  I love this rendition of the classic mason jar as well.

Then we found this sweet copper... thing.  It's pretty big, probably 2 feet tall, and they were asking $60 for each one.  I can picture it by our fireplace.

And this antique sewing machine base with added reclaimed wood.  My mother has an antique sewing machine with a base just like this one... Feeling like an update, Mom...?

And this old ladder.  I love the idea of a big library with ladders to reach the highest books... sigh.  A little Beauty & the Beast action.  $65

And I was digging this Irish Americans coffee table book.  Getting in touch with my heritage.  $18

And I love these Mason jar lights.  $30+.  We've been oogling over similar ideas on pinterest.

And these nautical sketches.  Love that they are a pair. $142

*This is about the time that I passed the grouchy old man for the fifth time.  We were scavenging at the same speed but running down the aisles in opposite directions, so we crossed paths every time, and every time, he made a crotchety face at me because Will's cart took up the whole aisle...  We quickly changed our browsing pattern after that... Hope you have a better, baby-blocking-the-aisle-less day, good sir.

And I'm digging the old wagon wheel.  Picturing romantic wagon wheel chandeliers like this one.

And who doesn't love a Normal Rockwell print? $12

How about an old chest?  This one looked ripe for the staining.  And made me dream of a day when I'll have attractive, functional storage for all those baby toys downstairs...

I also love the statement that this chair makes.  With paint (or without) and an updated cushion, it would look mighty fine in a more formal living room. (Although I would probably leave the creepy black-face doll behind...)

And I love this... thing... (any ideas on what this would be called...?) for an entry way.

The door opens and you could easily hang coats, store shoes, etc. inside to tidy up the entry way.

Amazingly, through all the scavenging, Will was really good.  This is probably because he spent most of his time finding cars to *gasp* at.  That's how he communicates these days.  In over exaggerated gasps and grunts.

Have you bought anything from an antique shop?  Did you update it or leave it the same?  And any suggestions for a new antique Tanner Project?!


  1. Fun! Just today I bought a doll crib for Gwen's birthday from the 1920's off Craigslist! I'm going to paint it and see new bedding. Much better than the plastic option I found at target! I'm also searching for a secretary desk for the girls room. I'm excited to see your next project!

  2. That sounds awesome! I agree- it's way better than a cheap, plastic option. And it will last a lot longer too! I love secretarys. Secretaries? Whatever.

  3. I love to follow your blog. Its exciting to see what you're doing next and its inspiring! You could antique shop at my house too! Looks like Will can make some super choices too! Keep you, dd

    1. Thanks DD-

      Ooh I would love to antique shop at your house!! I love that old house!