Friday, January 18, 2013

Love Letters from Afar...

Grant is out of town for a few days so Will & I sent him off with a few surprises.  I made each of the pages and then Will added stickers and various crayon marks.  We put each one in an envelope marked with the date and time that Grant would be allowed to open them.  

Will loved using the stickers, but mostly wanted to eat the crayons.

We sent a little letter to start:

And later he got to open a guessing game.  My grandpa would always draw us little "guessing games" with pictures to identify, so we've carried on the tradition in Tanner form.  Included in this guessing game is a worm (because we just bought worms to start a new compost bin), Will in his black widow Halloween costume, Steve! from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a juicer (our newest obsession), a camping tent, Lightning McQueen (Will's latest obsession), a carabiner for rock climbing, and Shamu, Grant's one true love.

The next envelope contained a sappy, mushy, love letter, contents not appropriate for this blog... hah.  But no, really, it was just a letter.

And the last envelope, which he'll open tomorrow on the plane, contained this frightening coloring page of Will's face (made here) and two crayons.

Ahh! Can't wait to hear what Grant has to say about that...

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