Monday, August 19, 2013

Laundry Room Progress

After figuring out the final configuration for our cabinets, it was time to hang them!.  We used these GRK Cabinet screws and they worked out well for us.

We started on the far right with the pantry cabinet.  We wanted the cabinet to sit just a bit off the wall so that the trim from the window wouldn't get in the way of the doors opening.  

We used a few 2x4's to make sure the cabinet was evenly spaced away from the wall.  We screwed through the cabinet wall and the 2x4 right into the studs on the far wall.

Eventually, we'll frame out the gap between the pantry and the wall with a little trim.

Next, we used the long board that previously held up the small shelf to make sure the next cabinets were all level.  We screwed it into a few of the studs, using a level to make sure it was perfectly flat.

Then we just held the cabinet in place on the board and screwed it into the studs.  For most cabinets that meant two screws up high and two screws down low, all inside the cabinet.

For the next few cabinets, we clamped the frames together to make sure there wouldn't be any cracks.  We also used finishing nails on the inside of those frames to secure them together as well. (You can see the cabinet screws on the back of these cabinets.  Unfortunately, the studs didn't quite line up to allow four screws on each cabinet, so we reinforced where we could.)

Wham, bam, & done, the cabinets were up.  (Although a few had unpainted sides because of the reconfiguring we had to do earlier... bummer.) We reattached the doors using the hinges that I previously painted silver.  

Then we took a extended, lazy blogger picture break.  So basically, the next post will be the final reveal (mostly)...  Since the pictures on this post were taken, we have finished the cabinets, painted the walls, installed a utility sink, built and installed open shelving, and finished the countertop that will cover the washer/dryer set.  Phew!  Can't wait to share... if I can force myself to get on top of things and take some pictures!