Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Ruffle Curtains

With a few big, (slowly moving) projects in the works, sometimes it's nice to ignore the looming monstrosities (dining room table anyone?), and find success in a small project.  Tuesday, I tackled some DIY ruffle curtains for the living room.

When we moved in to our house, there were a lot of curtains left behind by the previous owners.  Most of them were cream, thin, muslin like material: not bad, but not what we had in mind.  They've been sitting in a pile in the basement while our windows have remained curtainless.  So I decided to revive a few using a tutorial over at Besserina.  (Thank you!)

Making these curtains is pretty basic.  Cut up strips of fabric, make and pin pleats, sew them to the curtains, iron the pleats into ruffles.  Bam.  Done.

I sewed in the only way that doesn't make me totally crazy: with wild abandon.  I refuse to hem, baste, and honestly... measure, unless it's absolutely necessary.  Luckily, this project leaves a lot of room for error. Wahoo!

The curtains don't go quite all the way to the floor, but with the chairs in front of them, we didn't mind. We're also not a big fan of where the current rod supports are.  Because of the placement, the curtains have to be completely outside the window.  We'll probably move those supports... eventually... maybe...

We love how it turned out.  It adds a lot to the little room and it was done and finished in one day.  Have you ever made your own curtains?  Are you a sew-only-with-wild-abandon-er like me?


  1. Kelsey I love these SO MUCH!!
    They are PERFECT in that window you did a great job!!

  2. I love this! You are so talented!

  3. Very Pretty! Your house is coming along!

  4. Hi how are you
    This is so chic...As I clicked on your link to the blog where you got the original idea from some how I wasn't able to visit the blog...can you please tell me what type of fabric was used here