Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4th: Progress Report

No big projects to report today.  Instead, just a few pictures of projects along their way.  

First, hanging pictures... not my favorite.  All these frames have been stashed away in various locations around the house so we laid them out to take inventory.  I've gotta be honest... haven't hung any yet...  It's hard to hang art/pictures/etc.  when there's not much furniture to base them around...

Next, table progress.  After a failed attempt to straighten out some warped boards, Grant decided to just nail them down and sand it flat.  It's taking quite a while so we may go out and buy a cheap planer.  T.B.D.  We also learned that wood filler does not oxidize... so we've been sanding off excess filler so we can re-oxidize and even everything out.


It's going to be awesome.  Oh, we also bought some upholstered chairs for the ends of the table.  On sale- woohoo.

And last of all, we just got this baby in the mail.  Found it on sale, of course, and I've got some fun projects planned for it.  (Both are not Grant's favorite projects... but this is a give and take partnership, right honey?!)

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  1. The table is looking awesome already! Love it! I can see you will have fun with that last gadget :)