Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Projects Board

We like home projects.  We like home projects so much that we decided to give them their own blog.  At any given time, we have 5+ projects in progress, 10+ in the planning stage and ENDLESS in the dreaming stage.  In an attempt to clear our brains a bit, we made a project board.  We bought this Ikea easel/chalkboard/whiteboard last year for Will's birthday party.  $15.  Sweet.  He's not quite big enough to use it yet, so we stole it.  We wrote down all the projects we want to do and wrote them down on half of a notecard.  (Of course, we thought of lots more later...) Then we prioritized them... roughly... to help us get a handle on where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there.

On the left side are projects currently in the works.  (Except for a few we missed... darn those ongoing projects).  We have all the equipment for these projects, the just have to get done.  Like the seat cushion for the second wingback chair... Never mind how long I've been working on that...   We also have a trailer that needs sides.  (We've sent one too many giant water barrels barreling across busy roads because of lack of trailer walls...).

On the right (and middle) are all the projects in the planning stage.  For example, hang pictures.  We've lived in this house for a year and have yet to hang any pictures...  Fail.  Well, minus one.  We have one picture on the wall...  These are projects that we have a fairly good vision of, just not many details for. We could start any of these projects now (if we only had the time... sigh).

 On the back of the board are all of our dream projects.  These are projects that we want to do, but that simply aren't in the budget, or aren't very high on our priority list right now.  For example, additional (and better) storage in our master bedroom closet is a must-have.  But since nobody sees our scary, messy closet except for us, it's just not worth planning yet.  Kitchen countertops and cabinets... oh man, we have big dreams for those.  But budget... still saving.

So many projects, so little time.  (And occasionally, so little motivation... hah)

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