Thursday, June 6, 2013

Laundry Room Demolition and REplanning

"Demolition" makes it all sound pretty serious...  For our laundry room, it was actually pretty simple.  To prep for cabinet installation, we had to rip out some of the floor moulding as well as a laundry shelf.

First we pried up the quarter round with a crow bar.  It wasn't caulked in or anything, so it came off easily.

Then we used our oscillating tool  to cut the caulking away from the baseboards.  This tool is awesome, but it's super loud.  Will definitely woke up multiple times while we were using it... whoops.  (But also, extra snuggle time with the baby Sir... can't complain about that!)

After the caulk was gone it was easy to pry the baseboards like we did the quarter round.

Then we cleaned up that darn, tiny laundry shelf and got to work on it.

We used the oscillating tool in the same way that we did on the floor, removing all the caulk.  Then we pried that sucker off the wall.  Hoorah.

We were left with this board that acted like a bracket for the shelf.  Same deal.  Oscillator, pried, done.

We got a little hasty with the last board and ended up with some torn drywall.  Nothing a little spackle and paint won't fix down the line.  Then we set to work on stacking the washer & dryer.  I was pretty stoked about this part.  Stacking the units meant that we'd have a lot more storage space.  Remember, our plan looked something like this:

The stacking was simple.  We bought a kit meant for our specific units online for less than $10, and they came with simple instructions.  It looked great...

Until we got some of the cabinets in as well...  And all of a sudden, you were in the chokey... (Not familiar with the chokey?  Shame on you...)  The laundry room felt way too shallow with the units stacked plus the cabinet on top.  The cabinet was almost touching the light fixture as well.  Not so cozy.

So I gave up my dream of stacked units.  Boo.  This is my disappointed face.

Because I was really looking forward to being able to stick my whole head in the dryer to smell the clean clothes while standing.  Such is life.

So we reworked the whole room.  We'll leave the pantry cabinet in the same place, have three cabinets on the top (all different widths because that's what came with the set), with a section on the far left for open shelving, and then a sink cabinet below with a custom pull-out cabinet on the far left side (to fill the extra 12 inches that were leftover on the bottom).

We also played around with the idea of tearing up the linoleum and laying down a tile floor.  After 2-3 weeks of indecision and no forward progress in the room, we gave up on tile and moved forward with what we originally planned.  

Next up: Cabinet Installation

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