Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Laundry Cabinet Progress #2

We wanted to paint as quickly as possible with as few marks on the cabinet doors as possible.  So we built some homemade painter's triangles out of 2x4's and some spare screws.

Chop em' in pieces, add some screws.

Easy cheesy.  (And Grant taught me how to use the miter saw to make them.  Raw power.)

Then we set up all of the cabinet doors.  They are pretty close together here, but we ended up laying down more drop cloths and spreading them over the entire garage floor.  We also didn't have enough homemade 2x4 screw stands so we got lazy and put a few shelves on old paint cans... They turned out pretty awful... but we're going to install them so that side doesn't show.

The screw stands make minimal contact with the shelf/cabinet door being painted, so you can paint one side, flip right away, paint the other, and it will still look awesome.

We made sure to paint the cabinet back first so that incase there were marks from the screws, they would be inside the cabinets where nobody would see them.

Three stands for a sturdy base.

We spray painted all of the old hinges to save some money.  I was meticulous about marking which hinge went where... pointless.  I painted right over them.  But I felt very fancy and on-the-ball while marking them.

Here's Grant sanding down between primer and top coat.  We were fairly lazy and only did one coat of each.  We were also pretty lax on the sanding.  The cabinets turned out just fine for our laundry room, but when we paint the kitchen cabinets we will be much more thorough.  

Again, the overdone labeling.  Again, pointless...

We used Rust-oleum in a chrome finish to match the hinges to the hardware we bought at Ikea.

It is scratching off a bit where the hinge opens and closes.  Kind of a bummer.  But still cheaper than buying new ones.  If it bugs us enough in the future, we can always buy new hinges.  It's fine for now.

And then we let those suckers dry.  We added Floetrol to the paint, which thins out the paint and makes it dry slower in order to reduce brush marks.  Because of the Floetrol, the cabinets took a little longer to completely dry and harden, probably 48 hrs.  Then it was on to laundry room demolition! (Way more fun than painting...)

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