Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Parade of Homes: Drool....

Grant & I met while attending college in Utah.  While we were dating, we discovered an amazing little home store that had recently opened in the area, Alice Lane.  We loved going to visit the store and dreaming about our future home.  We even had a chance to meet Adam, half of the husband-wife team that owns and runs Alice Lane.   He told us about his wife's dream to open the store and the inspiring story of how they finally did it.  We've been smitten with Alice Lane ever since, but haven't been back to visit since we moved away in 2009.

But recently, we came across a photo tour of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes that featured a home designed by Caitlin Creer and... Alice Lane Home Collection!  We're a little obsessed with it.  So excuse our drool while we share a few of these amazing rooms. (Photos from hiyapapaya.com)

Heavenly, right?  I love all of the beautiful light, clean lines, and mixed mediums.  Wood, metal, white paint, wallpaper... lovely.  We've been scheming up ideas to create a reading nook in our loft like the one pictured above.

I've never actually been through a Parade of Homes home.  But I just discovered that the Denver Parade of Homes starts August 8th! Who's in?!

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